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Have You Replied to Facebook’s New Reply Feature?

If you’re a page owner or administrator on a business fan page, you’ve likely noticed a prompting from Facebook this week inviting you to “turn on” Facebook’s newest Reply feature. If you have a personal public profile with more than 10,000 followers, you’re included in the roll out of this new threaded comment feature and while the improvement is currently “optional”…it will become a standard conversion on July 10th.
Before you roll your eyes at yet another change on the social networking site, consider the “why” behind the improvement. Facebook threads can become quite lengthy on a page especially if the topic is interesting and you have a group of engaging fans (that is the goal you know). It can be frustrating as a business owner or page admin to carry on a conversation with a particular fan, when so many comments pop up in between. The same applies to fans responding to other fan comments or posing questions of their own within the thread.
The new feature provides the opportunity for you and your readers to reply directly to comments left on your Page and to start new conversation threads,making it easier for you to interact directly with individual readers by keeping relevant conversations connected. It’s a push toward better and improved conversations which are easier to follow and participate in.
What we find interesting is that Facebook has made mention that the order of the conversation threads is based on their relevance to viewers, thus threads may appear differently to each person. How cool is that! So the most relevant conversation based on the total number of likes and replies will remain on the top which will likely entice further commenting and replies. Through this feature, Facebook is also trying to manage the spam on the pages indicating that it may push low-ranked comments which appear as ‘spam” to the bottom of the thread.
Conversations and engagement are key elements to a successful fan page. If Facebook is working on your behalf to improve those elements, than accept them with a smile, and perhaps a “thank you” to Facebook for keeping your business at the forefront of theirs.
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