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Dressbarn’s “Claim to Fame” Campaign is Claiming Hearts

Hi Everyone! As promised we are continuing our celebration of moms with another great way people and companies are giving praises to their mamas online. Now there are a lot of contests out there that are capitalizing on the Mother’s Day holiday but there are only a few that are doing it right.

Say hello to dressbarn’s “claim to fame” campaign where people are encouraged to share their mom’s claim to fame. Is it her amazing double-chocolate chip cookies? Or the fact that she runs a volunteer organization for hungry children? People everywhere are gushing over their moms and entering them in a sweepstakes where the winner wins a $1,000 shopping spree at dressbarn as well as a personal style consultation with Cate Sheehy.


What's your mom's claim to fame?


Okay so we have seen a lot of similar campaigns where people are asked to share stories or photos of their mom but it’s all about having the right motive. Dressbarn is a fine example of how to launch an effective Mother’s Day campaign. They are being authentic and passionate with their fans, which gives users a comfortable environment to engage in.


dressbarn does social media for mother's day


The campaign was also integrated throughout the company’s social media platforms giving customers a way to spread the word about the sweepstakes with their friends. Now, that’s covering all your bases or uh, platforms!

Dressbarn launched their “claim to fame” campaign weeks before Mother’s Day in order to ensure its growth and direction. And it’s already showing signs of success. Just take a look at the engagement being generated on their Facebook page… the comments, shares, and likes are multiplying like rabbits.

To take a peak at dressbarn’s “claim to fame” campaign, visit or to enter the sweepstakes, visit


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