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Local SEO Checklist For Small Business in 2016

Wanting to get your business website seen by people who want to buy your product or service is every business owners desire.  If it were easy, we would not be posting about it here :).  Because Google keeps us all guessing with how they tweak and change their algorithm to deliver what they feel are the best results for their paid advertisers and leave the organic results up to experts like us, business depends on us experts to be creative and constantly test, poke and prod to find the best results for our customers.  We feel really good about the solutions we deliver for our customers, we feel we have identified many things that work and also the things that don’t work.  That is why our clients choose Everzocial for their SEO and SEM needs.  But we also love to share what we know with those who are seeking better ways to get their sites seen.  Here is an Infographic that has a 74 Step process that will create Mammoth results for your webpages and blog posts.

Local SEO Checklist Infographic

After going through this Infographic you feel you would rather have someone else do it for you and cost effectively, reach out to us and we will quickly assess your site and give you a quote on exactly what you will need to get you ranked.