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No Fuss Contact List for Social Media Platforms

Have you ever tried to Google search a problem you were having with your social network and in turn got redirected to an endless amount of help centers and support blogs? We have, until we decided to cut our time in half and make a contact list that will lead you to actual answers. Feel free to utilize this resource. We are here to help!


Facebook Contact Info





We are on Facebook everyday so naturally we are going to run into some obstacles here and there. But even worse than the actual challenges is trying to find the solutions through the web of contact forms. Check out our cheat sheet below!

Signing Up & Logging In

Your Account

Disabled Accounts

Username Troubleshooting

Your Email Address

Confirming Your Identity

Accounts for Kids

Facebook Profiles: Personal

Timeline Troubleshooting

Videos and Photos

Problems with Mobile Features

Facebook Pages

Facebook Advertisements

Merchant & Business Services and Forms

Support for Payments and Charges

Reporting Scams & Violations


Give Your Feedback






Foursquare has a relatively small section of FAQs that satisfies most of the issues and concerns so I just included them here in this post. If you still need some help tweet Foursquare @4sqSupport.

Foursquare Basics

Your Account

Foursquare Features


Foursquare with Other Apps

Reporting Scams & Violations


Specials for Credit Cards

Yelp Contact Info







Yelp offers a multitude of FAQs to look at that will most likely answer your question but if you don’t have any luck with that check out the links below.

Business Owner Support

To advertise with Yelp, click here. Or to share your feedback or an idea, click here.


Twitter Contact Info





The help center for Twitter is a little different in that you are asked to answer a variety of questions in order to accurately direct you to the correct contact form. Select the appropriate topic below to begin.

Your Account

Apps, API, and Mobile Support

Features and Setting Options

Reporting Scams & Violations

Give Your Feedback

Send feedback on Twitter’s new design


Instagram Contact Info







Instagram is a little old fashioned when it comes to its help center. You can request help through an Email Us form, which handles general account, trademark, privacy, business, and copyright problems. Facebook acquired Instagram so there are a few links you can use from Facebook’s Help Center…

OR tweet @InstagramHelp and they will respond to you!


Pinterest Contact Info






Pinterest has a helpful feature called ‘Instant Answers’, a search bar that pulls up solutions based on the issue you’ve searched. Most of your answers will be in the Instant Answers section, however, if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for check out the Review Known Issues tab to see if they are currently looking to resolve the issue or shoot them an email by clicking on the Email Help button at the bottom of each article. Still not getting what you need? Tweet @Pinterest the problem you’re having and hashtag it #pinteresthelp.


Google Plus Contact Info







Google+ gives you a variety of troubleshooting topics to choose from that will then guide you to the appropriate instructions or contact information.

Still stuck? Reach out to other Google+ members with the Google+ Help Forum.


Linkedin Contact Info






It’s a one-stop-shop for LinkedIn support! Just enter a question or topic into the search bar and the top results will appear to address your concern. Or you can use the simple form to contact them about anything under the sun. Ask them a question about profile settings or even bring up a technical difficulty you are running into. They will respond ASAP. Or you can pick other people’s brains about it in the LinkedIn Help Center Forum.

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Is Your Business OPEN For Messages?

When Facebook’s new Timeline for businesses rolled out last Spring, most admins were pretty excited about the new MESSAGE feature that allows both fans and non-fans to connect with a business page on a more personal level, versus publicly on the wall. That excitement was short lived as admins across the nation became increasingly bombarded with message notifications on their page.

Okay, okay, okay… I get it.  Incoming messages are a good thing; they are direct communication between a business and a fan, customer, or even a potential customer. That’s agreed. However, the good can turn “bad” real quick if you or your admins are not responding to the incoming messages your business page is receiving. One way communication is never cool and most definitely not effective when it comes to Social Media. Ask yourself this question… Would you let your business answering machine overflow with inquiries and messages without ever responding to the calls? Not likely.

So here’s what we suggest to our clients when it comes to the MESSAGE option for pages. Turn it on initially. Simply go to your FB Business Page. Click Edit Page. Click Manage Permissions. Scroll down to Messages and “check” the “show message box on my page” option.

Monitor the Message Inbox regularly for at least a week responding to all inquires or comments. At the end of the week, assess whether or not the Message feature was primarily, “manageable” for you as an admin, and secondly, useful or advantageous for your business. If yes, OPEN for messages, is just another way of saying… OPEN for business.

If the messages on the other hand become to numerous and the task of responding too cumbersome, turn off your Message feature right away.  It’s better to have a legitimate lead or question directed to your Contact information than lost in the shuffle of Facebook messages.