Social Media for Retail Shops

How Social Media Impacts Retail Shops

When searching for the right retail store, four out of five shoppers check customer reviews on social media sites. Research shows that just three negative reviews dissuade a majority of potential customers from purchasing from that particular retail brand. Consumer reviews are over 11 times more trusted than product or service descriptions offered by businesses. In this age of social media marketing, your brand’s online image has never been more important. One scathing review handled improperly could mean thousands of dollars in lost business for your retail store. Failing to pursue opportunities to build consumer loyalty could result in even more lost revenue. That’s where we come in.

everzocial helps your retail store look its best online, so potential customers choose your brand over your competition. We help your business build a compelling online social presence. We safeguard your reputation by responding to all reviews about your retail brand on Yelp, Google+ Local, and Yahoo Local. We actively work to transform negative reviews into positive ones and request the removal of inappropriate reviews to optimize your consumer appeal. We engage with your community on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, manage your local marketing on Foursquare, and strategically create posts and promotions to expand your fan base. With more prominent online visibility, maximized consumer reach, and increased customer loyalty, your retail store will achieve increased brand exposure and an influx of business.



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