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The Pet Peeves of a Social Media Marketer

As a social media stager I’ve noticed that I have started to develop a few pet peeves when it comes to social media marketing. Now, one of the things we like to remind our clients is that we totally understand that you might not have the necessary resources (time and money) to get your social media profiles in tiptop shape. I can relate with the whole ‘not enough time in the day’ mindset, believe me… there’s no judgement here. That being said, I want share one of my concerns… horrible cover photos. Cover photos are extremely pertinent to a business, especially since Facebook’s new redesign has decided to place a lot of emphasis on visual components. For example, when someone ‘likes’ your business page a news story will appear on their friends newsfeed with a picture of your business’s cover photo and a memo stating “John Doe likes (insert business name)”. So don’t you agree that it’s pretty important that you have an impressive cover photo? Just follow these three simple guidelines for a great cover photo: relevancy, originality, and sizing.

People should know what your business is all about just by visiting your page and taking a glimpse at your cover photo. I beg of you, please don’t upload a picture of your dog for your bakery’s cover photo. In addition to relevancy, originality is always encouraged. If you simply can’t think of anything creative it’s okay… take a peak at other pages and see what they are doing but always remember, if you want to be better than your competitors then you need to be different! Finally, we have reached my very last request…sizing. Quality is everything when it comes to social media profiles. There are specific dimensions for cover photos, profile images, channel art, and banners and when you upload a photo that doesn’t match those dimensions it becomes warped and pixilated. In case you need a reference, here is an ultimate social media sizing cheat sheet (2013 edition) just for you, which makes things pretty EZ 🙂




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