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Confessions of a Social Media Coordinator

“Those who handle social media at brands can have it rough. There’s often just one person that’s doing all the work. There’s the constant pressure of gaining likes and the issue of not being able to tie social media efforts back to ROI.” – Giselle Abramovich via Digiday

Here is a compilation of Q&As from one of our social media coordinators here at Everzocial. Here’s what she had to say about being in the social media industry…

 What is the most frustrating part of your job?

I would have to say the fact that a lot of companies think that social media is a miracle worker. Trust me, I am a firm believer in the magic of social media, but let me tell you it doesn’t happen overnight. There needs to be at least a good three months of effective social media marketing being implemented before you will start seeing consistent results. Always remember, good things take time.

What’s it like being the “social media girl”?

I really like social media marketing; it’s a fun way to help clients build a positive online presence. I get the green light to give advice, post funnies, and really impact people’s lives. However, people don’t really take my title very seriously (a big thanks to that Jack in the Box commercial about the ditzy social media intern). Don’t get me wrong, my job is fun and creative, but it also takes a lot of hard work. We have to create innovative, out of the box marketing strategies, meet client goals, provide detailed reports, etc. Actually, I would say that it’s a lot more serious than people think, being that it is a newer industry and we are still trying to prove our worth.

Ever get pressure to get Facebook likes?

Of course, everyone and their mom thinks that social media success is measured by the amount of ‘likes’ a company has. Not true. A company could have 50k likes, but if there is absolutely no engagement on that page what difference does it make? Social media success to me is when you are able to create a tight knit community of followers who actively engage with your business and promote it to their friends and family. BUT you’re always going to have those clients who insist on getting more ‘likes’ and refuse to accept any other metrics of success… that’s when you just have to put your nose to the grindstone and drum up some fans.

 Ever annoyed at the fact that a lot of people don’t get the value of social media, since it can’t be linked back to ROI?

Dear God, yes. Better yet, I love when people say that they don’t understand the purpose of social media and then they go home and tweet their favorite artists or comment on a brand’s Facebook post. That IS the purpose of social media (laughs)… just because we can’t confidently show it’s ROI yet doesn’t mean that it’s not extremely effective and efficient. 

Does Facebook have too much control in this market?

I love Facebook, it’s my favorite social media platform, but no. Facebook has been coined the ‘social media giant’, however, there are a lot of other social sites that prove to be equally, if not more, successful for companies to use. For example, Instagram, the online photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service, snuck up on all of us when it became one of the hottest communication tools for businesses. Check out these brands on Instagram…they’re onto something… Adidas, NFL, Redbull, Target, and Starbucks.

Do agencies get social media?

Some of them do, but honestly social media is a huge time commitment and a lot of agencies don’t have the time. It’s usually only 20% of their workload.


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Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

It’s definitely not cute to have a lot of misspellings in your writing. C’mon, you’re better than that! Misspelling common words can affect your work relationships, your love life, and can just cause pure chaos! Okay, so we might be exaggerating, but we want to stress the importance of pristine writing skills. Take a look at this humorous infographic by The Oatmeal, “Ten Words you Need to Stop Spelling”.

Words you need to stop misspelling

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Social Media: From Personal to Pro

For a small business owner, knowing where to begin with social media can be overwhelming, especially if it’s a new concept. To start, running a personal Facebook or Twitter is MUCH different than running a business Facebook or Twitter. There are a few rules & regulations to abide by, both to uphold your brand name and reputation, and to grow your overall media presence.

Take a look at the infographic below, and be sure to check out our own pro tips posted beneath!

These general guidelines will help you create content that is both sensitive & intruiging!

These general guidelines will help you create content that is both sensitive & intruiging!

Everzocial PRO tips on your DO-list:
1) Truly be consistent! We recommend 1-2 Facebook posts a day, and if you even miss one, single day, your Facebook insights will show it! Having a consistent queue of quality content that your fans can scroll through is extremely important to your social media reputation.
2) Don’t just post – ENGAGE. This means respond to all comments and posts on your page, visit the pages you’ve liked and engage on THEIR pages, comment on posts in your newsfeed… the more your business name gets out there, the larger your fan base will grow!

Everzocial PRO tips on your DON’T-list:
1) DO. NOT. SPAM. We cannot emphasize this enough. Your fans want to engage with you on a relational level, not a commercial level. Think about this: why did YOU join Facebook? To follow the people you love, to grow relationships with them, right? Use your business in a similar fashion, and this will gain your fans’ trust.
2) Don’t stick to just one social media platform. Facebook, though the most popular, is not the only avenue or medium for reaching people. Pinterest, for example, attracts a different kind of people with different interests than, say, Twitter. Contemplate which platforms will optimize your business’s reach, and start dedicating a quality bit of time to them to grow your fan base there.

Yes, it’s a lot. Social media marketing is definitely a full-time, non-stop job, requiring monitoring 24/7.
Which, by the way, is why WE exist… so if you want to grow your online presence and simply don’t have the time, we’d LOVE to help, so contact us. 🙂

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BREAKING NEWS: Instagram Video Feature

The rumors were true! Facebook announced today that they are introducing a video feature to Instagram, which is available today for both iOS and Android users. Instagram now has Vine beat with the option to record up to 15 seconds of video but that isn’t the only thing that has us excited.

Users can also delete and re-film clips, unlike Vine where you have to exit out of the video altogether and start back at square one.  In addition, users have the option to spice up their memories in motion with 13 custom video filters.

But the innovators at Facebook didn’t stop there. After listening to what consumers had to say about other video sharing apps they concluded that Instagram videos would not be put on an annoying loop. And what about those unattractive thumbnails? Not happening! Before you post your video you can choose your own thumbnail from a variety of still images in order to ensure that you get the look you desire.

But wait, there’s more! We saved the best feature for last. The social media giant teamed up with video scientists to create a Cinema feature that lets you stabilize your video after taking it, which is truly amazing.

We are curious to see what happens next. Are Vine users going to abandon their profiles for Instagram? Are we going to have to watch VIDEOS of people’s food now? We’re not sure, but we are excited about the advances in technology and the positive impact it is sure to make on our lives 🙂

Want to see this feature in action? Check out this video.

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So, What’s the Status on Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is no joke and we know that we sound like a broken record when we say it truly does amazing things for businesses but if you still need some convincing take a look at this 2013 State of Social Media Marketing infographic. The statistics will surely extinguish any doubts you may have had about the value of social media marketing. Ready to get started? Let’s have a chat, give us a ring at 888-859-6156

State of Social Media Marketing 2013

State of Social Media Marketing 2013

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The Pet Peeves of a Social Media Marketer

As a social media stager I’ve noticed that I have started to develop a few pet peeves when it comes to social media marketing. Now, one of the things we like to remind our clients is that we totally understand that you might not have the necessary resources (time and money) to get your social media profiles in tiptop shape. I can relate with the whole ‘not enough time in the day’ mindset, believe me… there’s no judgement here. That being said, I want share one of my concerns… horrible cover photos. Cover photos are extremely pertinent to a business, especially since Facebook’s new redesign has decided to place a lot of emphasis on visual components. For example, when someone ‘likes’ your business page a news story will appear on their friends newsfeed with a picture of your business’s cover photo and a memo stating “John Doe likes (insert business name)”. So don’t you agree that it’s pretty important that you have an impressive cover photo? Just follow these three simple guidelines for a great cover photo: relevancy, originality, and sizing.

People should know what your business is all about just by visiting your page and taking a glimpse at your cover photo. I beg of you, please don’t upload a picture of your dog for your bakery’s cover photo. In addition to relevancy, originality is always encouraged. If you simply can’t think of anything creative it’s okay… take a peak at other pages and see what they are doing but always remember, if you want to be better than your competitors then you need to be different! Finally, we have reached my very last request…sizing. Quality is everything when it comes to social media profiles. There are specific dimensions for cover photos, profile images, channel art, and banners and when you upload a photo that doesn’t match those dimensions it becomes warped and pixilated. In case you need a reference, here is an ultimate social media sizing cheat sheet (2013 edition) just for you, which makes things pretty EZ 🙂




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Tumblr and Yahoo; Happily Ever After?

Have you ever seen a couple and you’re just like, “how about no?” Well, that’s what many are saying about the recent transaction between Yahoo and Tumblr. On May 19th, Yahoo bought Tumblr for a whopping 1.1 billion dollars and many people are not happy about it.

In case you aren’t too familiar with Tumblr, allow us to introduce you. Tumblr is a blogging site that allows users to upload text, pictures, videos, links, and gifs (short little clips on a loop). Users can also follow fellow bloggers which enables them to see their updates on a dashboard similar to a Facebook feed. With that being said, Tumblr has gained quite the following with having over 300 million unique visitors monthly; 120,000 daily sign ups; 900 posts per second; and over 24 billion minutes are spent monthly on the site. That’s a pretty big deal.

Now, most of us are familiar with Yahoo! for being a pioneer of “internetness” and getting in on the first floor of the interwebs (considering it’s been around since 1994); however, many people say whatever Yahoo! touches turns to dirt. Yahoo! has had many acquisitions over the years, at least 77 of them including Tumblr, and many that have failed miserably. Their buyout of Tumblr though, is most comparable to their GeoCities acquisition, and I bet you’ve never heard of GeoCities. Doesn’t sound so good for Tumblr, huh?

But why is this such a bad thing? Yahoo is still around and Tumblr has a faithful following, right? Well, as with most things on the internet, what can be here today may be gone tomorrow. As a matter of fact, in anticipation of the acquisition the previous weekend 72,000 users an hour went to WordPress as opposed to the measly 400 to 600 users that normally transfer their posts over.

So what do they know that we don’t? Let’s stop and think for a moment, why is this such a bad idea? You know, beside the fact it didn’t work with GeoCities before. I mean, Yahoo should know what works now and what doesn’t and hopefully has the ability to learn from their mistakes… right? Well, Tumblr has a very specific business model. Rumors have already started circulating around the internet about Yahoo!’s goals to make Tumblr more family and teen friendly, which is great and all, but because of the super mature and NSFW (not safe for work) content, this can deter many users. Another BIG deterrent may be Yahoo trying to police copyright materials on the blogging site. In other words, if mature content restrictions and copyright content restrictions are placed on this free medium, MANY users may go elsewhere.


Another concern by many “Tumblrers” (and by most social network users) is ad placement. The last thing they want is their sanctuary infested with ads, but if Yahoo doesn’t bring in revenue, buying Tumblr will be a huge waste of money. According to reports, Tumblr only brought in 13 million last year which is a BIG gap in how much they were bought for, which can come back to bite them in the butt.

Although, there are many reasons to deter current users from continuing their Tumblr escapades, the buy alone was great publicity for the company which may in turn greatly benefit the site, propelling it to be the most amazing site in the history of amazing amazingness; but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t concerned. All we know is, we hope Yahoo doesn’t mess this one up because to some of us, Tumblr holds a very special place in our social media bubble.

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Dressbarn’s “Claim to Fame” Campaign is Claiming Hearts

Hi Everyone! As promised we are continuing our celebration of moms with another great way people and companies are giving praises to their mamas online. Now there are a lot of contests out there that are capitalizing on the Mother’s Day holiday but there are only a few that are doing it right.

Say hello to dressbarn’s “claim to fame” campaign where people are encouraged to share their mom’s claim to fame. Is it her amazing double-chocolate chip cookies? Or the fact that she runs a volunteer organization for hungry children? People everywhere are gushing over their moms and entering them in a sweepstakes where the winner wins a $1,000 shopping spree at dressbarn as well as a personal style consultation with Cate Sheehy.


What's your mom's claim to fame?


Okay so we have seen a lot of similar campaigns where people are asked to share stories or photos of their mom but it’s all about having the right motive. Dressbarn is a fine example of how to launch an effective Mother’s Day campaign. They are being authentic and passionate with their fans, which gives users a comfortable environment to engage in.


dressbarn does social media for mother's day


The campaign was also integrated throughout the company’s social media platforms giving customers a way to spread the word about the sweepstakes with their friends. Now, that’s covering all your bases or uh, platforms!

Dressbarn launched their “claim to fame” campaign weeks before Mother’s Day in order to ensure its growth and direction. And it’s already showing signs of success. Just take a look at the engagement being generated on their Facebook page… the comments, shares, and likes are multiplying like rabbits.

To take a peak at dressbarn’s “claim to fame” campaign, visit or to enter the sweepstakes, visit


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A Social Media Mother’s Day

The other day at work I was desperately trying to get the creative juices flowing…it was one of those days, you know? My mind started to wander to my personal to-do list. My heart rate increased as I remembered what May 12th is, Mother’s Day.

This is a holiday that gives everyone anxiety. So in my dazed state I decided to write a blog posts about the different ways people are using social media to say Happy Mother’s Day. This gives me a chance to figure out what to do for my mom while simultaneously being productive at work. Yes!

Of course, nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a lengthy phone call or some chitchat over endless mimosas at brunch, however, don’t forget there are other ways you can show your appreciation for mom and you can do it with a click of a mouse.

Here are some creative ways people and businesses are saying, “I love you mom!” using social media.

They are Recording

Some people have a knack for expressing their creativity through videos. Here are some YouTube videos celebrating moms everywhere.\

What a Mom Wants

Remember that really crappy Mother’s Day gift you got your mom? If you said “which one?” then this video is for you courtesy of Teleflora.

Mother’s Day Gift Fail

This guy tried to get mom’s four-legged friend to deliver her gift for Mother’s Day… the gift was attached to a balloon. Do you see where he went wrong?

Biologist Mother’s Day Song 

This video says, “I love you”, or at least we think it does. Ladies and gentlemen a song dedicated to the mother of a biologist.

Mommy Rap 

Not really a fan of rap? Take a look at this video of a three-year-old girl rapping about her mom and we guarantee you’ll change your mind.

The Real Mother’s Day 

Here is a hilarious rendition of how Mother’s Day usually goes.


Stay tuned for more ways people are giving moms a shout out online!

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No Fuss Contact List for Social Media Platforms

Have you ever tried to Google search a problem you were having with your social network and in turn got redirected to an endless amount of help centers and support blogs? We have, until we decided to cut our time in half and make a contact list that will lead you to actual answers. Feel free to utilize this resource. We are here to help!


Facebook Contact Info





We are on Facebook everyday so naturally we are going to run into some obstacles here and there. But even worse than the actual challenges is trying to find the solutions through the web of contact forms. Check out our cheat sheet below!

Signing Up & Logging In

Your Account

Disabled Accounts

Username Troubleshooting

Your Email Address

Confirming Your Identity

Accounts for Kids

Facebook Profiles: Personal

Timeline Troubleshooting

Videos and Photos

Problems with Mobile Features

Facebook Pages

Facebook Advertisements

Merchant & Business Services and Forms

Support for Payments and Charges

Reporting Scams & Violations


Give Your Feedback






Foursquare has a relatively small section of FAQs that satisfies most of the issues and concerns so I just included them here in this post. If you still need some help tweet Foursquare @4sqSupport.

Foursquare Basics

Your Account

Foursquare Features


Foursquare with Other Apps

Reporting Scams & Violations


Specials for Credit Cards

Yelp Contact Info







Yelp offers a multitude of FAQs to look at that will most likely answer your question but if you don’t have any luck with that check out the links below.

Business Owner Support

To advertise with Yelp, click here. Or to share your feedback or an idea, click here.


Twitter Contact Info





The help center for Twitter is a little different in that you are asked to answer a variety of questions in order to accurately direct you to the correct contact form. Select the appropriate topic below to begin.

Your Account

Apps, API, and Mobile Support

Features and Setting Options

Reporting Scams & Violations

Give Your Feedback

Send feedback on Twitter’s new design


Instagram Contact Info







Instagram is a little old fashioned when it comes to its help center. You can request help through an Email Us form, which handles general account, trademark, privacy, business, and copyright problems. Facebook acquired Instagram so there are a few links you can use from Facebook’s Help Center…

OR tweet @InstagramHelp and they will respond to you!


Pinterest Contact Info






Pinterest has a helpful feature called ‘Instant Answers’, a search bar that pulls up solutions based on the issue you’ve searched. Most of your answers will be in the Instant Answers section, however, if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for check out the Review Known Issues tab to see if they are currently looking to resolve the issue or shoot them an email by clicking on the Email Help button at the bottom of each article. Still not getting what you need? Tweet @Pinterest the problem you’re having and hashtag it #pinteresthelp.


Google Plus Contact Info







Google+ gives you a variety of troubleshooting topics to choose from that will then guide you to the appropriate instructions or contact information.

Still stuck? Reach out to other Google+ members with the Google+ Help Forum.


Linkedin Contact Info






It’s a one-stop-shop for LinkedIn support! Just enter a question or topic into the search bar and the top results will appear to address your concern. Or you can use the simple form to contact them about anything under the sun. Ask them a question about profile settings or even bring up a technical difficulty you are running into. They will respond ASAP. Or you can pick other people’s brains about it in the LinkedIn Help Center Forum.