What Is everzocial?

Everzocial is a social marketing agency that provides creative social marketing solutions for small businesses seeking to bolster their online presence and transform lackluster fan involvement. At Everzocial, we give our clients direct access to our social media experts and brand developers. Our social media stagers will take your brand to the next level by researching your business’s demographic, mastering the market, and actively engaging with potential customers. Everzocial is the perfect solution for small business owners who don’t have the time, money, or desire to maintain or reshape their online presence. We offer agency-level service at affordable prices to furnish small businesses with our expertise in design, communication, technology, and strategy.

Our Mission

Everzocial’s mission is to purposefully, strategically, and creatively position and assimilate your business into the realm of social media. We diligently seek to capture the heart of your business and accurately convey your voice to millions across the internet. Our vision is to implement innovative and sincere social methodology that results in a powerful, influential, and trusted social brand.

Why The “Z”?

At Everzocial, we spell social with a “z” to delineate our unconventional approach to social strategy. We are innovators who constantly adapt to anticipate and react to the rapidly evolving trends in social media marketing. We color outside the lines to harness the most progressive social strategies to maximize our clients’ success. Unlike other social media companies, we don’t take shortcuts, like using an automated tool to make posts on social platforms. Other social media companies require their clients to provide the information about their audience, compose their own posts, and have a working knowledge of the needs of their particular business market, while at Everzocial, we ask very little of our clients. We conduct the necessary research for a client’s market niche, customize all posts, and do all the work to forge relationships with the client’s fan base. The “z” in Everzocial represents our eagerness to go the extra mile for our clients to promote their social reach to the last letter.

What Is Social Strategy?

Social strategy is the purposeful manipulation of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to perceive your target audience’s interests and effectively reach them with relevant information that will incite brand recognition. At Everzocial, we utilize social strategy to create meaningful relationships with your customers and turn them into an army of super fans loyal to your brand. Our strategy team will help you simplify your message, create lasting connections, and revitalize your customer base.


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